Our Blog Story


We are Emily and Abby, two Early Childhood Educators, Mothers, and Advocates. We believe that social and emotional intelligence is the foundation for all learning and we believe that all children deserve to have high quality early education.

In our teaching journey we recognized that traditional teaching methods were not providing our students with the opportunity to flourish in ways that resulted in positive outcomes. We wanted to shift our focus onto creating positive relationships in our classrooms. We began to question our approaches and found that when we reflected on “why?” in all aspects of our pedagogy, we were able to discover more effective methods of teaching. Our experiences inspired us to work on our co-teaching relationship and develop our own methods for teaching the skills that are essential to raising children who are  happy, kind, and courageous contributors to our community. Through this work we realized that early childhood educators are not given the resources to properly support children’s growth and development. Our goals evolved into focusing on advocacy for young children to receive high quality early childhood education.


“We believe that the children can be leaders in their own social and emotional development. We are advocates for the children by helping them understand and cope with their emotions.”   Excerpt from the Pioneers in Early Education Social and Emotional Framework


We are positive deviants – educators who are passionate about advocating to make a difference for our field and who find methods that are not mainstream in order to promote cooperation and innovation amongst ourselves and our children.  We know we are not alone! We wanted to create a place for other like-minded educators, advocates, and parents to come together to share, learn, and discuss, as true partners do. We hope you Join the Conversation!